As a company we have always cared greatly about the products we make, the people we employ, and the service we provide.

We recognise that now more than ever we need to focus on the planet.

Our goal is to become a carbon neutral company by April 2023 and in doing so will be looking at improving our manufacturing processes, reducing our waste and by promoting products which create less waste and utilise less energy. Working with our supply chain partners and in line with world advancements we hope to become net zero by 2040. 

We have signed up to to guide us through the process, audit our progress and certify our neutrality and net zero claims in the months and years ahead. 

During the initial process of collating our carbon footprint we have discovered that our dry-line electric towel warmers are not just greener for us to manufacture but are greener for the purchaser throughout the lifetime of their ownership. 

To help us on our path towards carbon neutrality we have set out the following immediate target:

• With your help we are targeting to reduce our hydronic and dual fuel product sales down to 0% by January 2023. 

To encourage sales of electric towel warmers over the hot water alternatives we pledge that from June 1st, 2022, for every electric towel warmer we sell we will plant a tree.

For more information, please contact us. 

Yours Sincerely,

The Sterlingham Company Ltd


Our dry line electric towel warmers are made as sub-assemblies which are processed and assembled together at the last stage of manufacturing. This process allows for efficiencies in polishing and fabrication, and most importantly in electroplating (our most energy consuming process).

In the case of a quality issue at any stage of production, a section of the product needs to be reworked or replaced, not the whole product minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption. The results of making towel warmers this way is not only producing greener manufactured product, but a better quality one. 

Our hydronic towel warmers are pressure tested three times throughout the manufacturing process (post fabrication, post polishing, and pre-cleaning and packing) and no matter how well we package them we cannot always guarantee good handling of the product through the supply chain to the customer. Therefore, we recognise that’s despite our best efforts we cannot guarantee against a fault being introduced to the product causing expensive after sale issues.

The absence of any water of fluid inside of our dry line electric towel warmers eradicates the chances of aftersales issues.

Aftersales issues are not only costly and a ‘value wasted’ process for our business and yours, but they are damaging to the environment through additional transport and manufacture of repair or replacement.

Electric heaters are considered to be 100% efficient, because they turn all the electricity they use into heat (modern gas boilers are around 90% efficient). Additionally, electricity results in zero carbon output from the point of use, unlike boilers which produce carbon monoxide. 

Many countries have spent years decarbonising their electricity grid, those who haven’t done enough are now under pressure to do so. Therefore, the advantage of using electricity in the home over gas will only increase over the coming years.

Heat pumps seem to be the future for home heating, and this does make a hydronic towel warmer a greener option. Additionally, people may argue that they already have a gas central heating system in place for their home therefore it “makes sense” to add a hydronic towel warmer.

In both cases the above arguments still exist for the manufacturing and supply of an electric model. Additionally, we still believe there are many benefits of having a towel warmer that runs independent of the central heating system (warm and dry towels throughout the year, lower purchase costs, cleaner aesthetics, no maintenance required, etc)

Dry Line Electric - The Facts

Our Electric Towel Warmers utilise a dry line heating cable (similar to underfloor heating) meaning there is no oil or water inside which can cause issues in years to come.

Heat where it matters most!

The dry line heating cable is fed through the towel warmer heating the areas that matter most and not all those that don’t!

Each element is manufactured bespoke to the exact size required for the towel warmer specified. 

Where ‘normal electric towel’ warmers are specified, the stick heating element that is traditionally used to heat the water or oil inside are procured in 50W increments. 

As a comparison our dry-line electric Stourton, 550 x 550, 3 Rail uses 67W – if we were to use a stick heating element it would be 100W, a 33% reduction in energy consumption. 

Clean Aesthetics!

The power cable exits the product from the wall or floor mounting (your choice which one!) meaning that once installed there are no visible cables leaving a clean, pure aesthetic. Unlike alternatives which leave an exposed cable (or covered by a shroud) and valves. 

No maintenance is required...

With no water or oil inside there is no need to ever vent the air out of the towel warmer, and there is never a risk that the valve connections might weaken over time and use.   

Unlimited Potential

We are able to supply our towel warmers at 12v, 24v, 110v and 230/240v. 

The length of cable exiting the towel warmer can be specified by you at the time of order with there being no extra cost for any length between 3m and 20m. 

Warming Towels...
(not the planet!)

The surface temperature of our dry line electric models is 45ºC, a perfect temperature for warming and drying towels all year round. 

Warm up times are comparable to hydronic models. 

In Good Company...

The Sterlingham Company Ltd have successfully manufactured dry line electric towel warmers for over 30 years and have sold them worldwide. 

Recent installations include prestigious properties such as The Ritz, Paris and the Mandarin Oriental in London. 

handmade in the heart of britain

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Our External Finishes

The following are sent out for the high quality finishes to be applied….

  • Light Bronze (LB)
  • Light Antique Bronze (LAB)
  • Medium Bronze (MB)
  • Medium Antique Bronze (MAB)
  • Dark Bronze (DB)
  • Dark Antique Bronze (DAB)
  • Gun Metal (GM)
  • Polished Gold (GP)
  • Antique Gold (AG)
  • Matt White Powder Coat (MWP)
  • Matt Black Powder Coat (MBP)

Check out our finishes page for more information. 

Our Internal Finishes

The following finishes are done in house by our team of craftsmen and woman….

  • Polished Brass (UB)
  • Brushes Brass (BB)
  • Polished Chrome (CP)
  • Polished Nickel (NP)
  • Brushed Nickel (BN)

Check out our finishes page for more information. 

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